About Us.

UK Helping Hands (UKHH) is a UK based charity Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) working to tackling the root causes of extremism, intolerance, and hate by the research, education and training. UKHH is also working to end the fight against human trafficking, youth empowerment, and protection of human rights.

Our Projects
1. Research and educate on Counter-extremism and hate policies.
2. Protection of Human Rights.
3. Protecting victims of human trafficking.
4. Provides training for youth to empower and enable them to generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient.

1.Research and educate on Counter-extremism and hate policies

We will provide quality research and consultancy services on anti-terrorism to combating extremism and terrorism. We undertake commissioned research reports, publication of papers and articles regarding extremism and counter-terrorism primarily in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Our organization aims to create the chances of scholarship for counter-terrorism studies with the assistance of universities and International institutions. Our organization is aiming to work with other counter extremism and counter-terrorism institutions, academies, agencies and think tanks.

Counter-extremism and counter-terrorism research Project:
Our researcher aims to do in-depth gross root level research to find the reasons for the act of terrorism by an individual or group of people. Our researchers have a target to prepare the case study of individuals and groups who have involved any sort of terrorism in recent years in the UK, Europe, and the USA. Our researchers also try to find out if there were any transnational links with homegrown terrorism in UK, Europe, and the USA.
Our research will be base on community feedback regarding the extremist and terrorist who has been born and bred in the same community. Our researchers try to find out the reasons which deteriorate an individual or a group of people to perform an extreme act of terrorism.
This quality research will support counterterrorism agencies in formulating counter extremism and counterterrorism policies and strategies.

2. Protection of Human Rights;

We believe and are committed to contributing to the values of diversity, equity, and social justice. We voice against grave violations of the rights of each person, of freely holding and expressing his or her convictions.

We are opposed to any detention of political prisoners without fair trial, death penalties, religious discrimination, child abuse, restriction of the right to travel, disappearances, right to development and right to education.

In order to achieve our values and objectives, UKHH team maintains its complete impartiality while carrying out our tasks and missions.

We carefully document the human rights violations in any part of the world and keep an effective liaison with other human rights bodies to making the violators answerable before the international community.

We organize conferences, seminars to highlight and educate the participants of different background so that they become useful and active in their respective countries.

3. Trafficking of Human Beings Project:

Our volunteers are working within the communities to discovering sufferings and miseries of human trafficking, especially the women and underage girls who might be used for sexual exploitation, domestic violence (servitude), forced labor and forced marriages in the UK and other European countries.

To uncover the misery of such victims we organize workshops and seminars to reach and educate our communities. We also use electronic and print media, leaflets and through word of mouth to promote awareness amongst the ethnic communities. In ensuring our mission our volunteers and activists publish and interpret our brochures of information in the native languages of these new emerging communities.

In our workshops, we emphasize and encourage the members of our communities to come forward to end their misery in these civilized countries. We also ensure them of our help and support by providing them financial services and security throughout their cases. We are also working in partnership with other organizations to get better support in circumstances or areas we are unable to provide adequate support.

4. Youth Empowerment and Employability Projects in the UK 2014-2015

As part of its mission, UKHH is working in partnership with Pathway Group, a leading work- based training provider in the UK for empowering people to find work and stay in employment, by enabling them to enhance their skills and progress in the workplace. Last year the UKHH referred 27 youth individuals for NVQ training and 31 candidates for career enhancement programs who all successfully completed their courses.

UKHH is also working in partnership with Learning Zone which is also working for employability for Work and Pension Department (WPD). UKHH referred 39 individuals for career development course and one-to-one support for career advice.

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