UK Helping Hands (UKHH) is a UK based charity Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) working to tackling the root causes of extremism, intolerance, and hate by the research, education and training. UKHH is also working to end the fight against human trafficking, youth empowerment, and protection of human rights.

A post-graduate student, Sardar Zia Mahmood, along with his fellow students from the Coventry University took initiative for a great cause prior to graduation. His dream has always been to play an instrumental role in protecting the human rights and the fight against extremism and human trafficking, especially the oppression of women and girls.

In 2012 he put forward his dream before classmates and other university colleagues to work together for a better future of our next generations in a meeting at a student Hub (Coventry University UK). His idea attracted the attention and commitment of his colleagues who volunteered to see to the success of UKHH. The diverse team consists of volunteers from different parts of the world with diverse capabilities. Today, the unbounded passion for the pursuit of the success of UKHH has grown stronger than ever. Many volunteers have gone on to become representatives of UKHH in their respective countries taking on projects designed with the support of colleagues.

It is hoped that their efforts and achievements will inspire other people of the world to join hands with UKHH in the fight against extremists , human trafficking and human suffering of all forms.